Wednesday, December 12, 2012

UnMerry Christmas

Matthew 2:15-16
The child born to save the world is running for his life -
Maybe even before he's old enough to know how to run!
Along with his family,
Jesus was a fugitive - but alive.
But many mothers lost their sons
as a result of Herod's rage.

My heart and my stomach seize up in tandem
at just the thought of losing a child.
That is a desert I have not been forced to cross.
Others have.

Others have experienced a Silent Night broken only
by the sound of their own sobs.
Others have arrived at the Midnight Clear 
with no clarity
at all.

The Holly, Jolly Christmas we all idolize and have grown
to demand can be distinctly absent,
as it was that first Christmas.

Irony of all irony:
A child's birth brings death to others.
Later the death of the same Son brings
the gift of life to all who wish to receive it.

What Child is This?

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  1. I also ache for all those mothers who lost their children that way. I can't bear to think of losing a child - mine are grown - or a grandchild. Its creates a bottomless pit of overwhelming sadness in my heart. All those innocents slaughtered. Everyday I pray that God will protect the born and unborn children from evil and abuse.