Friday, December 7, 2012

The Other Side Of The Tracks

Today's reading is Matthew 2: 5&6.

There's a little nugget that The Message helped
make me think about. 
It's regarding the prophecy about where
 the messiah would come from.
The Message says;
"it's you, longer bringing up the rear."

So, without doing much research I'm left to 
imply that Bethlehem must not have been 
much of a destination city.
Could it have been the 
Jersey Shore
of Bible times?

I don't know, but this much I do know,
God uses the least of us 
to accomplish His

Whether it's a city
on the wrong side of the tracks, 
 a manger
or a young girl.

Gives hope to this
cracked vessel. 

1 comment:

  1. He does indeed like to use "the least of these" to the His greatest advantage. Guess that makes God the ultimate recycler. Good new for all of us! Thanks for the insite, Mer!