Sunday, December 2, 2012

We're Putting Christ Front And Center In Our Christmas

I have a friend. 
Her Name is Lory.

We do lots of things together. 
I'm usually the instigator of the things that 
can potentially get us into trouble.
I taught her to drink margaritas on the train.

Lory instigates the kinds of things like
what we will be endeavoring to do here
for the month of December.

It started with an innocent enough comment from Lory, 
"I'm going to enjoy a Christ mass celebration this December."

What does that look like anymore?
Lory challenged me to really think about that. 
I tend to listen to Lory and then even 
think about what she says to me.
She's one of the few people that do that to me.

I decided that I would like to read 2 verses
a day from 3 different bible translations 
of the Christmas story from 
Matthew and Luke. 
Mike even made an Excel chart for me.
It works out perfectly to get you to December 24th. 
God does stuff like that. 

Whereas Lory challenged 
(perhaps unintentionally) 
me to get a concrete idea of how to put 
Christ back in my Christmas, 
I have challenged Lory to use her amazing
gift of the written word.

Lory and I will be doing the readings I've outlined
for the month together, she liked my idea :o).
We are going to take turns here 
writing about the verses we've read for that day. 
Wherever they may take us. 

It will be a fun challenge for us. 
You can come along for the ride if you like. 
I will try to load the Excel chart with the readings
onto the blog.

If you do come along, 
do us a favor and comment once in a while.
It's not as intimidating as it looks. 
You don't have to sign up, you can 
comment as anonymous. 

Or, if you get here via Facebook
you can comment on the link there. 

Let's see where we go!

Pretty sure we won't wind up in jail for this one......


  1. This will be an interesting step into the world of blogging for me! But I'm loving the idea of personally putting Christ back into my Christmas!

  2. Load up that Excel chart! This is a perfect way to stay focused during the month of December. I will do my best to follow along.

  3. Check at the top under "Making It Merry" there are tabs, one is "Christmas Reading Chart" It didn't copy and paste perfectly but you can make it out. Welcome aboard!