Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Angels And Shepherds

An unlikely pairing.

But you wouldn't know it from just a casual read.
Angels are cute or beautiful
winged beings.
Shepherds are just olden times

Therein lies the problem with 
reading the bible
with no commentary.

Angels were scary.
Every time they are mentioned
the people around shake with fear
or fall to the ground.
They are constantly being told to
"fear not."

Shepherds were the lowest of the low.
They had no real friends, 
they roamed from place to place
looking for the good grass.
The locals saw them 
as miscreants.
Not to be trusted. 

These two little verses make me think.

Don't just "read" the Bible.
Dig in.

Don't discount the 
"lowest" of us.
Or me.
God may be saving His biggest news
for us.

Don't be surprised if hearing from God
is a bit scary.

Above all,
keep listening.

1 comment:

  1. I would add to your suggestions, Keep on keepin' on! Just because you are going about your normal daily grind, doing on your job, the laundry, the grocery shopping, or studying late into the night for college, doesn't mean God isn't there and able to break into your monotony and striving with a new challenge or announcement or gameplan for you! It could happen...!