Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wrapped in Love

Luke 2:7-8
I never really swaddled my kids.
Maybe it wasn't vogue back then,
or maybe I just missed the memo.

But my youngest grandson was swaddled.
The nurses taught my son and his wife the technique,
And Aidan loved it.
It was his security -
his calming signal -
his off switch.

Mary swaddled Jesus, too.
Was that just something women from
Nazareth just did?
Or was it to keep him warm against the nighttime chill?
Or to keep the hay from poking his tender skin?

And if the song is to be believed,
I guess Jesus liked it -
I mean
"No crying He made", right?
It doesn't seem right that He would need the security
of the swaddle - that seems kind of 
But then again, He gave up ruling the universe
to be born of a teen mom in a barn...

I'm glad she swaddled Him.
In her poverty,
she did all she could humanly do to provide for
the Heavenly newly come to Earth.

To offer God
the best,
the most,
the highest
she had available, 
no matter how small it might seem - (happy) sigh...

Sleep well, baby King!

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  1. I know I'm really late to this game (as it's almost Christmas Eve!), but I had never heard before the background that Pastor Brian shared today in his sermon ~ that shepherds in that day, the ones that were in the fields guarding their flocks by night, had the practice of setting aside their most perfect lambs for selling to the Temple-goers (as a worthy sacrifice) by wrapping the lamb in swaddling clothes and laying it in a manger...?! Sorry, Brian, but I think I'm gonna fact-check that...but it's way cool that this could yet be another prophecy foretold, in a different way!