Monday, December 3, 2012

Matthew 1:22,23

Just to get us up to speed.
The following is a series of e-mails between Lory and me that started
from our first two days readings:
It strikes me what an honorable man Joseph was.  He didn’t know what we do about what comes next.  But he still wanted to protect Mary’s honor.
What an amazing man God chose to be the earthly father of His son!

and the poor guy gets so little time or background in the bible. Whatever happened to him?

It will be fun to get his perspective in heaven!  I bet he thinks he did no big thing.  And he doesn’t even know yet that his rough, calloused carpenter hands get to deliver his wife’s baby – a wife he has never been with!  I love that guy!

It seems like the three versions have a slightly different view of timing.  NIV seems to say that Joseph had already made up his mind before the angel stepped in.  KJV seems to say Joseph was still thinking when the angel arrived.  And the Message if you go back to v 19, seems to say he made up his mind but was still scheming on the how of it all.
Maybe it doesn’t matter, and how will we ever know.  I’m still impressed with Joseph.  He was a really good man!
Now maybe you can understand why I love 
discussing Bible stuff with Lory. 
I love her perspective on things. 
Mine are not quite so high(?)
I just wonder why the poor guy didn't get more press! 
 Todays reading takes us to the foretelling of Christ's arrival
from Isaiah.

The King James version is so beautiful.
I like to read a Parallel Bible when I'm studying. 
It has three pretty standard translations and 
then The Message all lined up across from 
one another.
The Message is really helpful when I am struggling to 
understand a passage but for this story
nothing can beat the old King James.

Can you just hear Linus,
"For unto you in the city of David is born..."
Oops, I'm ahead of myself that comes
in Luke.
We don't get there till December 19th.

The reference here goes to 
Isaiah 7:14.

King James says they will call him 

Jesus is a good name but
Emmanuel just
stirs something in me. 

God with us. 
God with me. 

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