Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vino VanGogh

What a fun afternoon!
I got this coupon in the mail and and was familiar with the concept
because Shanna had told me about a similar 
thing in Indianapolis.
I put a call out on Facebook to see if I could get a group 
of girlfriends together to do this
last Saturday afternoon. 
Lory was the only one who bit. 
hahaha, pun not intended, but there it is!
(please take note of the glass of wine, that does
play a part in the "fun" factor)

These are the things that make us besties. 
One of us can say, "Ya wanna?" The other figures, 
well if she "wannas" I guess I'm gonna do it with her. 
One of the nicest things someone said to me recently was, 
"you two could dig dirt and have fun."
True dat and I would not be surprised if we have. 

So here is my explanation of this little endeavor.
Vino VanGogh books a room in a restaurant and 
bring everything you need to create a work of art. 
A sample of the painting. 
An instructor to lead you through the process
step by step.
Canvas, brushes, paint, easels, aprons. 
Only thing they don't supply is numbers on the canvas, 
well, that and the Vino but they put you in pretty
close proximity to it. 

So here's what the set up looks like:
The original artwork is up by the window. 
The instructor is leading the group through an
alternative color scheme. You can choose which way to go. 
She explains both choices as she goes along. 
Lory and I both opted for the warm color scheme. 
It just spoke Margarita to us. 
(there's that glass of wine again)
The original also called for a pink, kind of Cosmo drink. 
Lory and I are Ritas all the way. 

PS, this is our new bat signal for Margarita Fridays. 
If this is hanging on the front of the house, 
come on back, the Ritas are flowing!


  1. Merry, what a great review. Thank you for sharing your experience with Vino van Gogh!

  2. So funny! Your explanation of the logic we use when one says "ya wanna" was EXACTLY my thought process! Once again,we got it right! It really was fun! I would totally do it again!

  3. Now if they would just start doing private parties, what a group we could put together!