Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year Day

It's Leap Year Day. 
Otherwise known as my niece, 
Maggie's Birthday!!!

We all think it's great fun. 
I don't know if she gets as big a kick out of it as we do.
Her father was born in a leap year. 
On February 28th. 
The story goes that they told our 
Great-Grandfather that he was actually born on 
the 29th just to make him happy.
I kind of think they weren't going to need to 
worry about that come Mark's first birthday
 (if you know what I mean.)
So how fun is it that his daughter was indeed
born on February 29th!

Maggie is and always has been one of the 
sweetest, most loving people
you will ever want to meet. 

My brother left Illinois before 
he and Patty started their family.
They would get back here about once a year or so.
And here is the coolest thing about Maggie, 
every time they came back for a visit Maggie would greet
each of us with a big hug!
What little kid does that to people they never see?
I think it's a testament to Mark and Patty
being deliberate in talking about the family
so the kids didn't think of us as strangers
but I also think it speaks to the 
size of Maggie's heart. 

PS, Maggie's an artist. 
Like me. 
She marches to her own drummer. 
I love that about her too. 


  1. Funny thing...If you would of asked I would of said she wore the doc martins ;)


  2. Funny thing, the comment under the picture in my album says "not the docs" LOL

  3. FYI family members I was gonna wear Docs. But, had on the Cons instead when I got fitted for my ill-fated wedding dress. :P