Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Christmas With The Girls

It was a little long in coming but it got here. 
Let me take you through the creative process.
These are flowers made from zippers. 
I found a You Tube tutorial on how to make them. 
These were going to be simple pins. 
A pleasant gift.
But as time went by I had more time to "create"
and decided I needed to do something with this new found creation:
The basic design is to take a circle of anything, 
wrap the center over a pointy object, 
dab a bit of hot glue on the tip
and place it somewhere. 
Here I used fabric and a piece of felt as my base. 
But here Carol used paper bags and a styrofoam wreath form.
Viki uses t-shirt material and makes necklaces.
So now I had a zipper flower and fabric flowers. 
They needed a vehicle.
They are Meijer, super soft and seeing as how our
Christmas was coming a bit late in the season, 
So I had the beginning of something.
But I just didn't feel like all the elements
related to one another. 
So here come the ties that bind.
AKA, decorative trims. 
And here you have them. 
The finished products. 
Who knows what they would have
 become if we had celebrated Christmas in say, oh,