Saturday, February 4, 2012

Random Fond Memory

And I'll bet I didn't think too fondly of it at the time.

I'm not sure where to start this little rambling, 
at the beginning or in the middle.

I'm going to go for middle. 
We raised our children in a modest 3 bedroom
1 1/2 bathroom split-level house.
The full bath being on the top level with the bedrooms. 
The half bath on the lower level.
For whatever reason none of us were that fond of the 
1/2 bath so it was common practice if 
someone was taking a shower one of us would
knock and the door and shout, 
"you in yet?"
Once the shower-er was safely within the confines
of the tub with the curtain closed
the bathroom was open territory.
It never struck me as an odd thing to do. 

Until Rossella came. 
She would go into the bathroom and lock the door.
All the time.
I used to think that was so odd and 
isn't she lucky we aren't in that small house anymore?
Boy would we have freaked her out!

And then I got to thinking about that small 
house on Oakton Street.
There were 7 of us living in a 
two bedroom one bathroom house.
It was very common for Grandma to yell,
"shut the curtain" 
(we only took baths there)
and come on in. 

I'm sure it bugged the heck out of me at the time 
but for some strange reason the memory of sharing the
bathroom with my kids warms my heart.

Wanna know what prompted this whole thing?

Where the heck did we hang those seven towels??


  1. I seem to remember the basement as a tent city for some reason (I'm thinking it was all those towels hanging on the line ;)


  2. oh, you're right, I forgot about the laundry lines strung across the ceiling on the one half!