Monday, February 6, 2012

Pork Stew With Ancho Chiles

Let me start by stating I have not found
Rachel Ray's food to be as consistently good
as my smiley friend Giada.
That being said, I have stumbled upon a keeper
in Rachel Land. 

Did you know that there are entire sites devoted to the
hating of Rachel Ray?
That's not even nice. 
I'm not a hater, just maybe not a fan.

But I digress.
And I haven't made that statement for a while
so that helped prompt the little 
Rachel side note. 

On to the food:
Sorry the picture is not the greatest.
The meat was not burned as this photo might lead you to believe.
The sauce you make is a bit dark and I'm not 
too great of a photographer. 
The combination of which excuses or explains this shot.
You choose.

The recipe is actually (actually) called
Kind of an excessive title. 
If you ask me.

It was really good.
I think you could substitute a chuck roast or 
maybe even chicken for the meat. 
Dried chiles come in a very large bag
in my neck of the woods so I will be looking for
more recipes that call for them.
The "pickled" onions were fantastic with the meat.
Don't skip them.
I may not have gotten the sauce as smooth as
intended. I am going to try to 
pulverize it a little more next time. 

And that's about all my observations on this one.
Oh, but one last note, I am NOT going to freeze this.
There are peanuts and almonds smashed up in there
that you would never guess. 
I am scared to death that I would pull it out of the
freezer, forget the nuts, give it to Shanna
and kill her. 

Maybe I should re-name this.
Killer Pork Stew?

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