Friday, February 3, 2012

Marriage Proposal

Here's another post I never got around to posting. 
Well, actually never got around to writing. 
It's just the picture sitting in my file waiting for a post.

Michael and Michelle had decided to get married.
They had the date.
She had the dress.
People had been invited. 
They bought a townhouse.
It seemed they were able to figure out every aspect of the wedding.

One problem. 
Michael couldn't figure out exactly *how* he 
wanted to propose to Michelle. 
So rather than do it less than right, 
He hadn't done it at all.

Poor Michelle was getting a bit, um, 

And then once he had his idea, coordinating every body's
schedule proved to be another delay.

But once it all came together it was perfect.
I couldn't imagine Michael proposing any other way. 

And this is what Michelle saw behind Michael.

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