Monday, February 20, 2012

Fellow crafters will understand this. 
I think.
We save everything. 
You never know when you will be able to use that
I had two. 
That's the inside of the label in the back. 
How old do you suppose they are?
When's the last time you bought 
at a fabric store for 19 cents?
When's the last time you dressed up and 
did your hair to iron?
When's the last time you ironed?
How many times do you supposed these have been
packed up and moved?

This piping has been waiting for just this occasion:
Val made these way cool magnetic boards for us for Christmas.
We were each left to our own devices when it came to hanging them. 
An interactive gift, if you will. 

It seems I had some piping hanging around
my house for what looks to be about
forty years just waiting for it's time.

Well, it's time has come.

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