Saturday, December 31, 2011

We Did It!

Read the whole Bible
in one year!
This was such a fun way to do it. 

We did it together.
This bible is arranged in chronological order
according to the timeline of events.
It really helped make things fall into place. 
When you read a story and then 3 books later read the same story
you don't have to wonder if they are the same or just very similar.
The stories will appear right next to each other. 
That was very handy in the Old Testament when
reading about all the kings and their exploits.
I am convinced that if you took all the repetition
out of the Bible, it would be about a third of the size.
But there are also some very strong warnings about 
messing with, as in adding or taking away from, 
the Bible so I'm cool with the repetition. 

Mike was way better at staying on top of the daily readings. 
I had a few weeks where I had to do 
multiple days in one day to get back on track.
And I'll be honest, some of the time I wondered what
the heck I was reading about so I would bust out my
student bible for some clarification.
That counts as extra credit, right?

It also made me realize that while reading the Bible is
a great accomplishment, 
studying it, 
being guided through it,
understanding it, 
are the best ways for me to 
live my life through it. 

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