Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Art of You're Welcome

Once Shanna and I were at church and the pastor at the 
time thanked Shanna for something, I don't remember what
anymore. What I do remember was his response after Shanna
had replied "no problem" or "it's OK."
He took issue with the reply. 
He felt "you're welcome" was a better sentiment.
"No problem" or "it's OK" 
seems to diminish the kind gesture by his way of thinking. 
That stuck with me. 
I do prefer a "you're welcome."
It does sound more sincere. 
I try to say you're welcome. 
It does convey that I was pleased to do whatever
it is I am being thanked for. 

Funny how some things just stick with you. 
Like the time Val Langooth's mother
called me an instigator. 
Had to go home and look that one up. 

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