Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I did not set out to do it. 
These sorts of things just come naturally to me. 
I am a born rule breaker. 
A swim against the tide  
and don't go along with the crowd kind of chick.

You know how the rest of the world is making
resolutions today to 
eat better, 
be healthy?

I chose today to do something for the first time.
Fry fish. 

I didn't do it on purpose and I got a bit of a kick
out of it when I realized what I had done. 
Trust me, my jeans were a bit tight at the New Year's Eve 
party last night. 
I need a good detox.
But for some reason the left over 
avocado chimichuri was screaming to be put on top
of a piece of tilapia.
Not the healthy baked kind I have been making. 
No, I needed to try a new technique. 
Why not bread it with some 
panko (healthy),
parmesan (little less healthy),
and then cook it in an inch of oil
(off the charts UNhealthy)?

Yea, well, scream at me later, 
this was fantastic!

Doesn't hurt that that chimichuri would make a shoe taste good. 

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