Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm So Proud

This is my family.
Shanna had the idea for the PJ's.
She even went out and bought them.
You might think a family photo in Christmas PJ's
is a cute, relatively harmless
thing to do. 

What this picture doesn't show is that we are in
the administrative building at 
Bulter University.
It was during the reception for their new president.
We had to change in a faculty break room.
There were MANY people milling about.
We took the first set of PJ pictures outdoors.
In the cold.
I had neglected to mention to Mike that 
there would even be PJ's involved.

I have many thoughts running through my mind
looking at this picture of familial bliss.
I'm just happy to be there.
Michelle is wondering if they are going to turn on her.
Michael has waited years for this opportunity.
Mike and Michael have 
frighteningly similar facial expressions.

I'm totally living in my PJ's 
Christmas Day. 

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