Friday, December 2, 2011

Kosher Turkeys

I have one or two things to say about this.
And these observations are in no particular order.

1- What's with that big ol' tear?
2-Kosher = no internal organs = no giblets = no giblet gravy.
3 - Lots of plucking
4 - Someone butchered the butchering. 
5 - They really didn't seem any better than the 
Hokas we've always had.
6 - They were WAY expensive!

They did provide us with one chuckle.
My mom bought them and dropped them off in my refrigerator.
She didn't really take a good look, but part of the wrapping was dark
green and it kind of looked like they were black. 
When I talked to her that evening she said, 
"did you know they would be black?"
I proceeded to have heart failure, ran to the fridge
and discovered what had misled her. 
From then on we named them 
Sammy Davis Jr. 1 and 2. 


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