Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Greatest Gift Of All

Is Jesus Christ. 

That being said, 
here's number two.
I remember my mom being so excited to become a 
I didn't get it back then. 

And then after my kids were teenagers
I started *borrowing* friend's kids.
Then I understood. 
I have loved loving on my friends children. 

I thank
Anna, Rylan, Libby and Ava
for my grandmother training. 
My *rentals* as I have liked to call them.

I thank my girlfriends who have
shared their grandchildren and their
grand-parenting experiences with me. 

I have less than 9 months to take off the training 
wheels and jump into the 
Grandparent pool!

Now to choose a title. 
Diva and Mrs. Luehr have been rejected.