Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Aggie's 3-Bean Pumpkin Chili

That's Aggie of 
She helped me out with Michael and Michelle's wedding.
She's good people.
She also got me started blogging.

Last week she posted this
and it just struck a chord with me so I gave it a try.
It's terrific.
Here's my take on it:
I used black, northern and pinto beans,
I added a sweet potato, 
I used mushroom broth,
and fire roasted tomatoes.

It's really good and hearty. 
And pretty colorful besides. 
Thanks again, Aggie!


  1. Yay! I just love you Merry and love how we became friends over food!! Hope you are having a great day and so happy you tried and liked the soup! Sweet potato is definitely going in mine next time! :)

  2. You know me and anything pumpkin! Looking for leftovers!!!!!

  3. Hey Aggie, you put a smile on my face. Lory, it's for lunch tomorrow :o)