Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Grandma's Vase

And Peonies.
This is the better picture of the peonies.
This is the better picture of the vase.

I happened upon a blog a few weeks ago where the guy writing it 
was going to take a year and write a story about a different
item in his apartment each day.
He lived in a New York City apartment and by all estimates
with the knowledge the rest of the world has about the 
size of New York apartments, one would assume he 
would run out of things fast.
Uh, no, he had a shot of the whole apartment, 
he's probably set for a couple of years.

The concept intrigued me because as most people who know
me will tell you, just about everything in my life
has a story. 
Mom and Big said that if someone asked Grandpa what time 
it was he would tell them how to build a clock. 
I am happy to know I come by this naturally. 
As in, not my fault.

But I digress, I have some fun stories that I am just sure
the world needs me to impart and objects that invoke those
memories and stories. 
Visuals if you will!
But how quickly would this project turn into,
Lookey, Lookey, what I've got?
Lookey, Lookey what I've got! 
Now come steal it?

So I will not be swiping that guy in New York's idea. 
This is, however, the long way of getting to that vase.
And the peonies.

The vase belonged to my grandmother and as I recall, 
she was big on putting lilacs in it. 
I had about 6 blooms on my lilac bushes this year.
Suppose I did something wrong in my pruning last year?
But my peonies are prolific!
Grandma and Big had massive peony bushes outside
their front door.
Peonies in that vase feel right.

Hmm, lead up to the story is bigger than the story.
There's a story there.....

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