Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ABS Tea Cakes

Apple, Brie, Salmon
that is.
I love these things!

They were the result of brainstorming with multiple friends.
I wanted to make tea sandwiches but didn't want to use the usual 
"white bread cut with a cookie cutter" vehicles.
This started with my thought to put something on a 
sweet bread, I was thinking zucchini bread.
Lynne suggested brie and smoked salmon.
Reminiscent of an appetizer of
a slice of apple with brie and salmon.
It seemed to me that you could change up the zucchini to apple
and come even closer to the original. 

I just took my standard zucchini bread recipe and swapped out 
grated apple, with the peel on that I squeezed most of the
moisture out of, for the zucchini and swapped
apple sauce for the oil.
It worked out great. 
Then I just sliced the bread and used
a round cutter about the same size as the 
Brie that you can get in a log!
Stack em up with a little salmon and a 
parsley leaf on top and

That sweet bread takes you by surprise but once you
get over the surprise the yum factor kicks in. 

PS, the "WALA"
is just to make Shanna twitch :o) 

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