Saturday, June 4, 2011

Refried Beans

I didn't take a picture of them.
They aren't particularly photogenic.
But I did take a picture of what I did with them:
I had a Mexican Lasagna production line.
The little individual ones are to take to a guy from church.
I made a big one for us and I am trying it in my small Crockpot.
It occurred to me that the crock pot was about the same size as the 
casserole I would make for us. It's hot out today so let's 
see if this works! It's better than heating up the oven.

But about the refried beans.
It's my understanding that the ones you buy in a can
 have a multitude of unhealthy things for you that 
they slide in there along with the beans.
I found this recipe from All Recipes.
They cook in the crock pot and are too easy!

I've made them a couple of times and I've adapted the recipe a bit.
I use 1/2 pinto and 1/2 black beans.
I only use 2 cups of beans.
I use chicken or vegetable stock instead of water.
I have yet t have a jalapeno sitting around
but I do pretty regularly have a can of diced chilies around so those
are what I have used. 
And now with our low salt focus, I left ALL the salt out.
And know what?
Don't miss it!
There are so many good flavors in there that I 
think the salt is just unnecessary. 

So there you have it; 
Salt Free
Fat Free
Heat Up The House Free!
Time well spent :o)

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