Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I love these babies and it occurs to me that the 
rest of the world needs to know about them.

You see, I'm a walker.
I walk a LOT.
We're talking 20 to 30 miles a week.
We very deliberately live "in town" so I can walk
to where I need to go.
Now, I do cut drivers some slack. I get it when they "almost" 
run me over in crosswalks. They really aren't looking 
for little old me, they are more on the look out for other cars.
I am fine being a defensive walker. 
But I do have a pet peeve.
And, you knew I would.

People who park across the sidewalk and by so doing, forcing me to 
walk in the mud around their driveway (cause you know,
it's always muddy there) or worse, force me to walk
in the street, into traffic, giving aforementioned cars
another opportunity to run me down. 
And worse yet, when I'm pushing a stroller!!!

Enter Pier One Imports and their
Parking Citations!
They have a line for parking on a sidewalk.
Occupying more than one space.
Blaring a useless car alarm.
There are 20 infractions to choose from. 

I'm not sure if tucking one of these under a wiper blade
would be considered passive aggressive but it 
sure does help take the edge off that impotent rage. 

I'll explain that phrase another time :o)


  1. ROFL, Never realized we had so much in common. If it's within 3 miles I'd sooner walk than drive. Out here it's much better than in Pittsburgh. Out here the drivers nearly hit you cause they’re not paying attention. In Pitts. they’re aiming for you so if they nearly hit you it's cause you're not paying attention.