Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cake Balls and Oreo Balls

One I have down pat, the other, 
not so much.
It has been brought to my attention that I don't actually
have the instructions for the creation of Oreo Balls
officially posted on the blog, so as a public service
I will do so now. 
Along with the couple of tips I have discovered.

Pulverize a package of Oroes. 
Food processor, blender, baseball bat. 
Whatever works best for you.
Once you have a nice powder, transfer them to a mixing bowl and 
combine them with one 8 oz. package of cream cheese at room temp.
My first two tips:
1- Use the "block" style cheese, not the "spreadable."
2- Put the cream cheese in the mixer first and smash it around a bit. 
Once it's all nicely mushed together
(technical term)
use a 1 inch scoop to form your balls.
These puppies are pretty rich and I find that in this case, 
bigger isn't always better.
Next I chill them a bit in the fridge. 
Once nicely chilled and firm you send them for a dunk.
I have found it best to use either 
almond bark or candy melt discs.
Anything else just doesn't coat properly.
If you use the white you can add colored sugars and they
will show through. 
I did Mardi Gras ones with green, yellow and purple
sugars and they looked great.
Pop them back in the fridge and 
Oero Balls!

Now for what I don't have down....yet....
Cake Balls.

But that's all gonna change.....
Thanks Michael and Michelle.
...and Tiffany :o)


  1. *gasp!* A CAKE POP MAKER?! When are you moving to Indy?

  2. heheheh, let Meg know there is an official post with the "recipe"