Saturday, May 14, 2011

Smash Burger

Among other things.

I have determined that Mike is my 
Food Emissary.
It's an official title.
He travels a fair amount and he is in charge of eating 
all the food I will never get to.
In-N-Out Burger

Both fine California establishments.
I'm not a big Cali fan so chances are
 I won't be partaking of these myself.
His reviews: 
Pinks, fine but don't need to go there again.
In-N-Out, he's glad it's a chain, he can get another one
easily enough. Oh, and he likes that they are "neat", 
they come all wrapped up in a paper holder. 
Go figure, that would appeal to him :o)

We have been able to try 
Nathan's Hot Dogs, no big whoop, 
and Five Guys, big whoop!
I love that I am married to a guy who finds adventure in 
searching out and trying trendy foods.
Leave the paragliding and spelunking to others.
This is my kind of thrill!

So, our latest joint venture:
Smash Burger.
This is where it gets funny.
I had to pull images for In-N-Out and Smash Burgers from the internet
because Blogger won't upload the picture from Mike's 
phone, and we didn't think to bring the camera to
Smash Burger.

This is not at all what our Smash Burgers looked like.
Our burgers were truly "smashed."
As in flattened out and kind of griddle fried.
Think Steak and Shake.
Which definitely has it's place in burgerland, 
it's just not this one represented as a
Smash Burger. 

That being said, our review,
eh, wasn't a waste of time. 
The sides were great, onion haystack and 
sweet potato fries with olive oil and rosemary.
But the burgers were just OK.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries is opening
just blocks away from my home.
If you wait long enough the mountain will come to Mohammed.
Now I'll just wait for that mountain called


  1. Shall I ad Five Guys to the summer Luehr/Peterson/Eddy/Bohdan Indy food extravaganza?? :)

  2. Nah, we're getting one here.Diner Drive ins and Dives did a bunch of Indy places over the weekend. We will need to check out that list.