Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

This one's for Mom and Big :o)

We don't traditionally do a big Mother's Day.
It's a "Cards and a Call" kind of day.

I had been planning on going to Mom and Big's church on Sunday
to be able to see Big Mary "accept" a baby on behalf of the church.
It's an honor to be asked to do that and the young mother
who asked Big to accept her baby had been partnered with 
Big during confirmation as prayer partners. 
Big prayed Marissa through confirmation classes. 
Sweet, huh?
I really thought they should have put the baby in the
little basket under the seat on the walker.
I was overruled but little Gunter did 
make use of the seat later.

He was the best baby! 
He's going to have some surgery to correct the plates in his skull.
Or something like that, but just send up prayers
for the little guy.

Shanna surprised me with a trip home so I decided to share 
the gift of Shanna and took her with me as a surprise
for Mom and Big. 

The spur of the moment times together are the best.
And "spur of the moment" is also the perfect excuse for 
experimenting with food on your loved ones.
Chili Bowl Burger Sliders
They scream Mother's Day.
Don't they?
Mom and Big love it when they get the chance
 to eat the food I write about.

Here's the low-down on the meat muffins.
They don't really hold their shape.
I really thought they would be mini "bowls" in which
to serve the chili but they turned out to be more like "platters."
Additionally, I didn't think on a bun was the best 
way to eat these, so I just served them as is with
cheese muffins on the side.

Yep, heart attack on a plate.
Nothing says, "I love you, Mom" like it.

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  1. Love this Mary. You are hysterical. I love your outlook on life. Thanks for sharing. Jill Melton, Editor, Relish Magazine.