Monday, May 23, 2011

Number 200!!!!!

Wasn't even aware of it!
(200th post, that is)
In honor of which there will be a fantastic giveaway!
A giveaway of gargantuan proportions!
A giveaway to end all giveaways!!!!

Yeah, no, actually just a 
Whoot, Whoot.
Oh, and a new post :o)

About an Asian Sweet Potato Salad that I don't need to make again.
And now looking at it, I can't remember what intrigued me about it to begin with.
Well, except for that I have been interested in finding a 
potato salad that uses sweet potatoes as opposed to white potatoes.
It's from Tyler Florence and the one good take away
from the experience was his reiterating to be careful
not to over cook the potatoes.
"We are making potato salad, not mashed potatoes."
Good point.
I have been known to cook my potatoes to within an inch of their lives.
Thank you Tyler, I will take your advice. 
You, however, may keep your 
Asian Sweet Potato Salad with Cucumbers, Dates and Arugula.

Meantime, Honey and I are devising
 our own recipe for 
Grilled Sweet Potato Salad. 
It's better already, way shorter title.

Oh, and we found out we like arugula.
Once again, thank you Tyler. 

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