Monday, August 9, 2010

Why, Thank you, Goodwill Industries.

We continue on our Mad Hatter quest.
But here's a little aside,
I will change the words I use according to what I can spell.
If I stump spell check, I choose a new word.
I am on an odessy but apparently don't know how to spell it.
So, now I'm on a quest :o)
So, this is my haul from the friendly neighborhood Goodwill.
The tea cups were a no brainer.
Think I can spray paint them crazy colors and use
them as table props?
And then that pitcher! Even Mike said it belonged at a
Mad Hatter Tea Party.
And while I do intend to spend an unreasonable
amount of your time taking you through the Mad Hatter
process, I gotta give props to Goodwill.
My daughter, Shanna, is a teacher at a charter school
in Indianapolis that is funded through Goodwill Industries.
The school is amazing. It serves inner city kids but
the concept and structure is such that
given the choice of sending my kids there or to the
"highly ranked" suburban school they did attend, I would
have chosen Indy Met hands down!
If I get so I can figure out how to have a "guest blogger"
and Shanna has an opportunity to come up for air
I'll have her post a brief synopsis of her school's philosophy.

Hm, I appear to be able to spell synopsis.


  1. Ha! secret "y"!
    The Odyssey may commence!
    Thank you, Val :o)

  2. Thanks for the shout-out! I'm kinda jealous that *I* don't get to be the recipient of this awesome mad hatter idea!

  3. Your time will come, and then watch out!!!