Monday, August 30, 2010

The Tea Party Recap

How much fun was that?
I'm thrilled with how the tea cup table decorations turned out.
Only problem is figuring out what to do with them now.
Lory thinks there may be 6 years of anniversary
gifts there somewhere...
(there are 6 cups)
The "bones" of the table.
The black and white base made a great backdrop and I think I'll use it again.
I found a cool sequined jewelry box that I set the silverware in.
I'm always a little stumped for a fun way to put the silver out.
I scattered old tea cups and saucers around as "filler".
The fun part of that is I had contacted a friend
who used to own a coffee/tea shop and asked
if she had any tea cups left from the old days.
Turns out she had a whole box of old tea cups and saucers
in her basement that my aunt had given to her to use at the shop.
What are the chances of that?
Here we go! Table loaded.
Mini strawberry cakes coated in white and semi-sweet chocolate ganache,
mini fruit tarts, Oreo balls, fruit salsa with ginger snaps,
pretzel "turtles" and lemon wafer cookies.
Not a crumpet in sight.
Oh, and not a drop of tea.
Mimosas all around,
your choice of orange, cranberry/pomegranate, or mango juices.
Yes, there are certain tactics to guarantee a good time to be had by all

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