Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's a Journey

And so it begins...
Lory's son, Court is getting married and it is tradition that I host
showers for Lory's boys. Well, Lory's boys, women.
I love to throw a party and once I have my "hook" I'm off like a bat!
I Facebook brainstormed with my best resource (and all her followers) Aggie,
of Aggie's kitchen.
Did I mention she held my hand through Michael's wedding ?
Any way, it's gonna be a Mad Hatter Tea Party!
I haven't fleshed out all the details but I'm really psyched!
Come on, a house with purple walls is screaming for such an event!
I told Court the theme and he asked if all showers had themes.
I thought on that a minute and told him, maybe, maybe not,
but all MINE do!
So, first experiment, mini cakes.
Got the starting off point from Val who actually bakes hers in cans.
I took a page from my cupcakes in a jar and just did one big layer cake and
used a biscuit cutter to cut out the layers.
Then I made Ganache, for the first time.
Way easier than the word would imply and very forgiving.
I set the cakes on a wire rack over a cookie sheet and poured the ganache over.
Tip, you can scoop up all the ganache that runs over, zap it a bit and reuse it.
Here's another tip from my husband who does not cook,
refrigerate the cakes before you cut it.
Keeps the cake from squishing down.
Has something to do with laser cutting food.
He's in ultrasonics.
Who knew.
So now they are back in the fridge setting up.
I think they would benefit greatly from a second coat of ganache
and now that I know I can use what drips off I think I will
try to get a complete coat working around the sides.
The day before the shower.
It's how I roll.
Gotta be some element of suspense :o)

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