Sunday, August 15, 2010

Watermelon-Cucumber Salad

Hello Food Network Magazine!
I pulled this from the June issue. It has been waiting in my
"experiment" binder for someone to say the magic words.
"Do you need some guinea pigs?"
Diabolical laugh *ahhahhhahha*
It was really good. It seemed so off the wall that
I figured it had potential.
Everyone really enjoyed it and here are my observations/tips:
Watermelon picking out:
It should have a flat side, shows it's been sitting and growing undisturbed for a while
and it should be heavy for it's size. Yeah, that's a judgement call.
Recipe calls for 1/2 an onion that you have soaked in water
to take a bit of the edge off it. But once I put it in the bowl,
that was all I could smell so I pulled a bunch out.
Grabbed some fresh mint at the farmers market.
One of our dining companions could detect the taste of dill!
We are pretty sure that mint was grown by some dill.
Lesson: know the pedigree of your produce :o)
Oh, and this recipe is written how I think we should all
learn to use recipes, not much by way of exact amounts.
You like something? Put lots of it in.
Not too crazy about other things? Go light.
And, surprisingly, it was good the next day.

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