Friday, August 13, 2010

Hat Box, Cake Plate, Tart. Sounds like the Punch-line to a Joke

Where to start?
I'm going with a color scheme of brights accented with black and white.
(my subject today is the sure to be infamous Mad Hatter Tea Party Shower)
At the base of this pyramid is a HAT BOX of all things!
Found this beauty and a smaller one at Hobby Lobby.
They are going to be great to set cake plates on to give the table varying heights.

Next is the cake plate I found at Home Goods.
I thought at fist that I would just swap out the black ribbon for a
bright colored one and then I got home and the brain re-engaged.

The tarts are a work in progress.
Isn't nice how I like to invite you into the process?
It's refrigerator pie shell that I rolled out a bit and
then cut out rounds and lined a mini cupcake pan with.
I sprayed the pan with Pam first and I gotta say the shells
seemed a bit greasy. No Pam next time.
They also seemed a bit thick so I think I will roll
the pastry out thinner next time.
I docked them (poked holes all around with a fork)
before cooking to keep the bottoms from puffing up.
I baked them in a 400 something degree oven (whatever the box said)
But I only baked them for about 8 minutes.
I filled them with instant pudding and then topped with the berries.
They were OK. Is it awful that I think I will go ahead and make
them, with the changes, and serve them at the party?
They look really pretty on the plate.
I used to tease a friend of mine that she bought food as decoration.
She'd fill the fridge and then have to toss half of it because she
wouldn't get around to preparing it.
(in her defense she was a single mom)
I think my tarts will qualify as food as decoration.
Sorry for all the times I teased you, Luciene :o)

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