Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Can You Make Zucchini Parmesan?

Why, yes, you can!

How many of you out there have been gifted with the great zucchini?
Or, 3 or, 6?
I received what may have been the most beautiful zucchini
I have ever seen by my even more
beautiful daughter in law.
(Mother in law points alert)

After making the requisite zucchini bread, roasted zucchini, and
chocolate zucchini bread with past gifts,
I had this little brainstorm:
Why couldn't I just take my chicken parm recipe and exchange
zucchini for the chicken breast?
The answer is,
No reason why not!
And, it turned out pretty darn good!
So, go, do it! You know you wanna!
And then, riddle me this, why are there so many
zucchini plants out there?
And why are they so BIG?

1 comment:

  1. That did win you some mother in law points and made me smile! I like the veggie bowl, it is nice and colorful :-)