Friday, August 20, 2010

One Of My Favorite Things

The result.
The inspiration.
Lory is changing her former quilting room to a guest room.
The last time I helped Lory paint a room in her house
we painted a spare room in what her husband *lovingly* calls
School Bus Yellow.
It has floor to ceiling harlequin diamonds "bagged" on.
It was a feat of artistic and computer skills come together to create.
Lory remains my go to person for plotting diamonds on walls.

I was a bit nervous when Lory asked me to "have at" the walls
in this room. Then she showed my the rug and inspiration hit!
We kept the color pretty neutral in deference to Ken's sanity.
Lory has an overhead projector that I used to project my rendition
of the rug pattern up onto the wall
(guess you could call Lory my tech support).
The placement evolved.
I thought going into this that I would put bits and pieces randomly
around the room but once I started I decided a poly mural would be cool.
I love it, and let me say, I don't feel a bit boastful
saying that. I believe all *talent* I have comes from God
and He just lets me have fun with it.
YEA God!

And good news is,
Ken appears to have come through relatively unscathed!
YEA God!

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