Sunday, August 1, 2010

Creativity by Committee

Here's a little something I threw together last night.
I made a pizza crust, brushed it with some leftover balsamic vinaigrette and
topped it with Korean beef left over from Saturday night.
I added some caramelized onions and then put slices of brie all over.
Baked that puppy and then dressed some spring greens with the same vinaigrette.
tossed that on top and
( I only speak french, don't spell it)
It had terrific flavors but was missing what Mike referred to as a "moist" component.
(sorry Shanna)
So any suggestions for "moist"?
I'm thinking that if I had caramelized like 3 onions down to an almost paste
consistency that I might then be on to something.
I'm just not sure I have the patience for that.
Any bright ideas out there?

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  1. OMG you *had* to write the word TWICE?! Just for that, I'm correcting you: VOILA!