Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wine, Glasses and Corks, oh my!

So my big decision today is should this post be about
the high class wine in the box,
the collection of wine glasses
(and maybe more importantly the glasses that gave their lives)
the collection of corks that seemed to have appeared on their own,
(because clearly my box o' wine does not require cork or cork screw)
Hmmm, ok, if you know me you know there is a story(s) in relation to each of these items.
Which one do you want to read?
Oh, and if you missed my tutorial on how to post,
Aggie, of Aggie's Kitchen, (shameless plug, shameless plug)
walked me through it last night. Make your comment and when it asks for that profile thing,
just choose name/URL and put your first name.
Works like a charm. Come on you guys, I'll drag you
into this century with me :o)


  1. My vote? The glasses! The *glasses*!!!!

  2. hehehe, cause 90% of them came from you. And, actually all the dead ones did too. :o)

  3. Yay Merry--- love this blog! This will be so much fun and when we get together with val and cheryl you will have to post our craziness!

  4. Absotootly! And now I have to take pictures! I need to recreate our lunch, that was a fun menu. And fun friends :o)

  5. Heh heh... ya caught me ;)