Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jose 2 Way (s)

In my search for Wasabi powder I stumbled across this
Blue Agave
and remembered Tiffany telling me about the amazing margarita her Sweetheart made using this stuff. Not only can she shape a mean eyebrow, she knows her margaritas! I just pulled the most straightforward recipe I could find off the internet and gave it a try.
Those (market research and replicating results, ya know) were the smoothest margaritas I have ever made!
Oh, and can I just mention, you gotta love a store where you can buy
Blue Agave and a cute swimsuit.
Thanks, Marshall's.

So then,
just so you aren't tempted to just DRINK all your Jose,
I'll post a fantastic Margarita marinade. It's a great summertime chicken idea. Just butterfly or pound out whole breasts or do K-bobs.
I'll post both recipes to the left of these posts, God willing and I remember how :o)


  1. Glad you like it, Merry! Though I have to say, I know far more about eyebrows than I do margaritas. My Sweetheart is the master drink mixer. ;-)

  2. So this is what name/url looks like :)

  3. And if I was just a non blogging reader I would use Name/url and just leave my name :) like this...