Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

So, I'm finding it rather humorous
that this blog will be driven by what pictures I can grab from the mysterious depths of my computer.
So here you get Roasted Red Pepper Hummus courtesy of America's Test Kitchen. I get the books that have all the magazines bound into them. What a great resource. Everything I have made from them has been great and they explain why you do things the way you do (or don't) which makes it easier when trying to adapt other recipes.

Hmm, understanding the how and why of things just makes things fall into place....hmmmm.
Me thinks there may be a computer/picture file tutorial in my future.....


  1. are you going to post the recipes?? or just make us drool??

  2. hehehe, ya, I figured when they are requested I'd post. Not quite sure what exact direction this whole thing will go. I'm kinda letting it form it's own direction. Recipe will follow :o)