Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Goat Cheese Scones with a Smile

So, here we are again with my blog having a mind of it's own.
Not only do I have random underlining,
I cannot for the life of me put these two photos in the order I choose.
So, let me say this, I made these scones Saturday because it seemed to make good sense to do a little cooking while I had the time to do it.
I'd take pics and then just archive them for during the week.
That's how picture number 2 came to be.

Then a friend called today
(Hmm, she's a good christian friend and suddenly the underlining disappears)
I digress, yet again.
So, Steph calls and we decide to have coffee on her deck instead of the coffee shop
as we had previously arranged.
I happen to have some fairly fresh scones.
(BTW, they are better the day after you bake them)
Of course I bring my camera because no food is eaten in my presence
without it's close up.
I gotta say, I believe the scones look downright happier in the photo
taken on Steph's deck.
Here's the lesson,
not only do we enjoy our food more when consumed in fellowship,
the food is happier too.


  1. I *love* this post. Dunno why, but it makes me smile :)

  2. I think you are on to something! :) Those scones sounds UNbelievable! Boy do I love goat cheese....however, I am baking challenged!