Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bright Idea #1

OK, so usually my bright ideas get me into trouble
but so far I've been pretty safe with this one.
Martha or someone once suggested you freeze your leftover wine from recipes that only call for a small portion of the bottle in an ice cube tray. What is she, whack? I subscribe to the adage
"I cook with wine, and sometimes I put some in the food".
But, I do have recipes that call for a partial can of broth and I'm really not interested in chugging that as I cook, so now Martha isn't looking quite so nutty.
I freeze broth, left over coffee and actually now that I think about it, I used to make my kids baby food and freeze that in ice cube trays.
Once it's frozen solid you just pop the cubes into zipper bags and label them.
I've even bought lemons and limes when they are on sale, squeeze them up and freeze them for frozen margaritas. It also works great with watermelon.
I just liquify it in my Vita mix, mmm, watermelon margaritas.....
Oh, so you know how I said this bright idea hasn't gotten me in trouble yet? Did I tell you about the 4 hour bike ride Lory and I took that was only 20 miles long but did involve a thermos of said frozen margaritas......
Oh, and FYI, each cube is approximately 1 oz.


  1. My favorite bike ride ever! I that says something! And hear, hear for frozen and ready to go margaritas!

  2. Wish I was on that bike ride! you girls are my kind of girls!! :)

    this is brilliant! my grandfather has a lemon tree, and always does this with all the lemon juice he squeezes from it. I never thought to do it with coffee, wine or broth!! I always have leftover broth...great idea Merry! :)

  3. Thanks.
    Heads up, I did try the wine once upon a time (before I got wise and started just drinking it) and it doesn't freeze exactly *solid* . It gets firm enough to pop out but the bag starts looking like a grown up slushy.