Wednesday, July 28, 2010

There are Bike Rides, and then there are....

Lory is my soul buddy,
kinda like a soul mate but not *that* way . ;o)
We may start out doing the most mundane thing and somehow
it usually winds up being a story.
Lory is a very serious biker, I am a very recreational biker.
We really should have taken a picture of our helmets and sunglasses together.
Those are Lory's in the picture.
My helmet is not quite so aerodynamic and my sunglasses would be quite at home strolling through town shopping. That picture would have explained it all.
Ah, missed opportunities.
However, the opportunity to get in some great exercise and spend
quality time (read, margaritas) together did not escape us.
I also should have taken a picture of my bike. I looked like a sherpa.
But, hey, my bike has a jaunty little basket.
Aside from said margaritas (please note umbrellas, I crack myself up)
I made Smitten Kitchen's Artichoke-olive Crostinis,
mozzarella/tomato skewers and threw together some strawberries and grapes.
I'm always on the look out for recipes that I can take on a bike picnic.
It just needs to be something that doesn't need to be particularly hot or cold.
And will fit in my basket.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
I'll post the Smitten Kitchen recipe along with Lory and my
bright ideas. :o) Because margaritas make us smarter :o)

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  1. We do sound a bit alcoholic, don't we? Is that why I fall with my bike when I'm riding with you? It's not that I'm a klutz, it's the margaritas fault! Does that make it better? Love ya!