Saturday, July 31, 2010

Soak It To Me, Baby

Ok, so only those of you who are old enough to remember
Rowan and Martin's Laugh In
will find the title if this post amusing.
As I've said before, I crack myself up :o)
So I have a couple of marinade recipes for you.
The first one comes from "Mr. Food", anyone remember him?
I came across a cookbook of his while helping my mother and aunt move.
I refuse to take responsibility for the purchase of said book,
but I cannot deny that I did read it.
But, hey, I found this gem!
In my never ending quest to find ways to make chicken not "taste like chicken"
this marinade is pretty darn effective.
Couple of points of interest: check out the pink pepper corns.
Indra's son turned me on to them and they are really good.
A bit mellower taste than regular black. Other point, is actually a good tip.
The fresh ginger, just throw it in the freezer and grate it frozen.
That way you always have some on hand for that random recipe that calls for it.

The second is good with beef, like a flank steak or london broil.
My only issue with it is that it calls for
2 CUPS of wine, that's a lot of marinade.
Just cut it in half. Generally speaking, I like to use fresh herbs but marinades
seem to lend themselves to dry for some reason.
Just rough up the dried stuff in your palms to start to release some of the oils.
But dried parsley creeps me out so I use fresh.

My way of thinking, a marinade is just another name for a sauce.
While you should NOT used the marinade that the raw meat has been
swimming in, you can make extra and in the case of the teriyaki use it to dress
some quinoa or couscous to serve the chicken on.
The red wine one would be good cooked down
and served over some roasted potatoes.
Go create!

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