Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Art of the Tart

Caprese Tart
This was really fun to make and looks quite impressive.
The recipe is from The Runaway Spoon
I made it one afternoon for my artsy friends ,
Cheryl, Carol and Val.
I just like saying their names all together like that.
We get together every so often and create things together.
Sometimes one of us will devise a project that we all do
and other times we just bring whatever we are working on and "create" together.
The dynamics of friendships.....well, that's a whole subject for another day!
This afternoon I asked them to just come and allow me to create lunch.
I've always been an artist, my most common medium being paint, but I have found lately that cooking has become an artistic expression as well. Who knew, food as an artistic medium!
Now that I have reframed the act of cooking in my mind
(changed it from an act to an art)
I'm having a blast!
So, here's your thought to ponder for today:
Whereas cooking may have been a chore in the past, reframing the way I look at it has changed it to a joy. What chore could benefit from a little perspective adjustment for you?

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  1. Oh, oh, oh, I have one! Dusting, I hate to dust! So, if I go around and draw designs in the dust can I leave it there and call it art??? Also, as a side note, if one comments on one's own posts, does that equate as talking to ones self in this electronic age? Hmmm, more deep thoughts for my day.