Monday, July 26, 2010

Terrorizing a Friend

Today's post is in celebration of Indra!
She's having surgery number ....well, I guess I've lost count, today.
The good news is we are down to the final stretch.
Lots of friends followed my oddesy last December/January into private nurse duty.
Well, maybe more like personal comic relief duty.
The above picture is an homage to the terror I inflicted on Indra while she was at my mercy.
She was not able to bend over to put her socks on for herself so I figured if I had to do it for her, I might as well have fun, and so never had a matching pair on her the whole time. Indra does not share my same sense of style.
She allowed as how she would willingly don this festive look for the
party we threw in January to mark the auspicious occasion of her going a whole week without a surgery since the first one December 4th.
The following picture is my first foray into cake ball world.
(and possibly my last)
I publish this as a public service.
I called them Boob Balls (with Indra's permission) and served them at said party.
They do not look a thing like I had in mind.
They had a mind of their own.
Perhaps they found the whole concept wrong.
Indra was on meds. I was drinking for two.
My list of excuses is long but my point is,
not everything comes out exactly as you plan.
Go with it.
Sometimes it makes for a great story later :o)

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