Saturday, July 24, 2010

BLTs with Wasabi Aioli

I don't like mine toasted.
Rips up the roof of my mouth. What' s THAT about??

Honey likes his toasted.
Here's a shout out to that tomato, the first (hopefully more to come) from my garden!
Aggie turned me on to the concept of wasabi aioli.
We tossed around a bit what differentiated aioli from mayonnaise and concluded the olive oil and the garlic turned mayonnaise into aioli.
I'm pretty sure that the Hellman's mayo that says "made with olive oil" is really aioli
dumbed down for the masses. But I digress..
So taking my newfound knowledge and running with it I decided I could make a "cheat" aioli by adding great flavors to store bought mayo. And, it worked!
I do have in mind making it from scratch one of these days but for a busy Saturday lunch this worked out great.
I'll post my "formula" in the recipes.

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  1. ooh, sweet! glad you put the "recipe" section =)