Friday, July 30, 2010

Caprese Skewers

I have made these little gems a few times now and each time they've been a big hit.
The best part about them is that they are
Stupid Easy to make.
Just grab a container of those marinated mini mozzarella balls
and a pint of grape tomatoes, or cherry, or those mini heirloom.
Cut everything in half and then skewer together (cut sides together).
The hardest part of this was finding the cool bamboo skewers.
I'll save you some time, Cost Plus.
You're welcome. It's just how I roll.
I show up with these and people think I'm amazing.
I choose to set them straight.
You don't have to.
You're amazing :o)


  1. Love the skewers!!! I will be making a trip to Costco

  2. oops, I mean World market!!!

  3. WAIT, I mean Cost Plus -- where is that?

  4. hahaha, Costco for the Mozzarella and Cost plus/World Market for the skewers :0)