Monday, June 20, 2011

Two Things I Never Knew I Needed

But I'm so happy I have them now.
I'm talking about the funnels.
I have been puttering about in a kitchen for roughly 35 years. 
There are a multitude ways to rig funnel contraptions. 
I have employed them all and I am here to tell you;
nothing beats a real funnel!

That wide mouth one is for canning but it's also
great for getting chunky Sangria into slim mouthed pitchers. 
The skinny funnel was purchased specifically 
to get the used grease from deep frying back into the 
container it came in for disposal but it's
also great for getting the flavored oil I mixed together
back into the bottle it came from. 

I publish this post as a public service. 
Ditch the parchment paper, aluminum foil and old shoe box. 
Save yourself 35 years. 
Make the investment. 

That is all. 

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