Monday, June 6, 2011

Grilled Corn and Cheese Cakes

Smiley did it again.
And I mean "smiley" in the nicest way.
Don't you hate it when the pretty girl is more than just
Giada made corn/cheese cakes this weekend.
I did too but neglected to photograph them. 
She did too. 
I was going to "borrow" her picture of them but, alas,
there is none. 
Mine actually weren't exactly ready for a close up.
We need to figure out how best to grill them without
smushing them. 

They are really easy to make. 
It's just corn, smoked cheese, bread crumbs, chives and a 
hit of sour cream. 
You coat the chilled cakes in more bread crumbs, 
brush with olive oil and grill.
We had them alongside burgers but they would be great with anything.
How fun to have a new side for grilling!

So, whereas Ina gives me the warm fuzzies,
pretty Giada gives me the good recipes.
I guess I can forgive her for being so pretty. 

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  1. these sound yummy...i'll have to try them next time we grill!