Monday, June 6, 2011

Skinny Pina Coladas

If you get up early enough in the morning
you can learn things. 

Channel 5 has a 4:30 AM news cast.
Relax, it's still on at 6:00 when I tune in.
Today they were making "skinny" cocktails.
The first one was a watermelon concoction that Zorida,
the host, didn't seem too impressed with. 
However, when she tried the Pina Colada one her reaction was
such that I decided to give it a try. 

The funniest thing Mike has ever said to me was a few years back. 
It was 10 AM 
and we were on Grand Cayman Island. 
Someone asked him what time it was and he responded, 
"I believe it's Pina Colada time." 
If you know Mike, 
you understand how funny that statement coming 
from his mouth truly is. 

This is why I love to give my man a Pina Colada,
but those babies have about a bazillion calories.
And seeing as how he is not one to drink alone, he does not
get his pina colada on very often.

These were a cinch to make.
It's just equal parts frozen pineapple and coconut water, not milk
which is the part that will do you in.
We added some coconut rum and had us a little
taste of vacation right in balmy St. Chuck.

Now given this is what I learned at 6, 
imagine what sorts of things they are sharing at 4:30


  1. i love coconut rum!!! i've never tried coconut did these turn out?!

  2. They were delish! I used fresh pineapple that I froze chunks of and then blended them with the coconut water in my Vitamixer. It got real frothy which I am wondering if the coconut water did. My smoothies don't do that. The coconut rum really punched up the coconut flavor. I'm not even sure what that was doing here. Must have been from Shanna or Michael :o)